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2017 Recap
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Unless you live in a bunker sans Wi-Fi, you know about CES (or the Consumer Electronics Show) that dominates Las Vegas each year in January. This year’s event was the largest floor in the show's history with nearly 4,000 companies in attendance and 2.4MM net square feet of exhibits dedicated to unveiling new products and services. Particularly noteworthy was the rapidly growing Eureka Park, the unique space dedicated to new start-ups which has exploded from 90 exhibiting companies since its inception in 2012, to 600 in 2017.

We’ve captured six key trends and implications from our experience, but two overarching themes were omnipresent this year, differentiating it from past events. The first is that everything (and we mean everything) is Wi-Fi- and/or cloud-connected. From light bulbs to washing machines to wearables, the potential for every product to collect data and communicate with other products or services isn’t just an episode of Black Mirror, it's our new reality. The second theme was Artificial Intelligence (or machine learning). Google, IBM Watson and Amazon each power their own voice-activated personal assistants (Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon Alexa), and the ability to verbally engage with these devices is fueling a fundamental shift in the way we seek out information (Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of searches will be made by voice alone). With each of these companies creating kits for simple integration with any capable product, AI will fundamentally change the way consumers engage with brands and products in the future.

With those two themes at the foundation of this year’s CES, here’s a roundup of the top trends of 2017:

What Brands Can Do Now