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CES 2018:
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This year's CES has been panned by many as one of the worst in memory. It's true that not one big thing blew anyone away. Artificial Intelligence, especially from leaders like Amazon and Google, certainly had a heavy presence this year. Yet, according to experts and pundits, no one particular thing really "won" CES. The truth is that the theme this year was similar to last year's, in which there was an evolution of multiple technologies including IoT, AI, AR, VR, robotics, drones, wearables, connected homes, connected cars, connected cities, even rideable luggage, and much, much more.

This has led us to one striking conclusion: This is simply the new reality we all live in today. Whether you look at it as a wave of progressive advances here to improve our way of life, or an onslaught of dark horrors a la Black Mirror, the fact is that almost every facet of our lives will be connected through a myriad of new and advanced technologies. We now must face the reality of a world with smart countertops, smart lampposts, drone pizza deliveries, robotic pets, virtual vacations, and voice controlled everything. All of these technologies are here today, rapidly evolving, and moving faster to real-world adoption than we may all expect.

We believe the following trends are the most impactful on the marketing industry in the near term: