Magenta isn’t just the splash of color on our logo; it’s the tint of Mediahub’s world vision – the color of the nonconformist living in a black and white world.

Magenta inspires positive change through optimism, creativity and innovation. It isn’t an assault on the Establishment; it’s simply a challenge to embrace a brighter, more colorful vision of the future.

The ink of change and transformation is magenta, and Mediahub is writing the next chapter of our industry in it.

MullenLowe Mediahub MullenLowe Mediahub
Mediahub is a growing global media entity that is built for challenger brands.

Challenger brands are companies disrupting their category and as a result are looking for a media company that is challenging the principles of media.

We are building a modern day company as media becomes more complex and moves at a much faster pace. As a result, we are challenging the definition of a media impression, value of size, the stack and accountability of what to really measure.

And since we are aligned with IPG’s Mediabrands, we are backed with global clout and global intelligence.

If you’re a challenger brand that wants to reinvent how to reach consumers and how to measure success, we are your media shop.

New York

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New York

Ed McElvain

Director of Media Sciences

I love this business because it allows me to play architect, detective, and conductor all while geeking out on data in the service of ideas.

Jamie Dorfman

Group Media Director

Does Black Mirror scare you? It motivates me. This industry is all about breaking boundaries and daring to be bold in the name of our clients. Everyday there’s a new way to unlock opportunity and face down challenges, but you have to be quick and my sneakers are laced tightly.

Mike Piner

Video and Data Driven Investments

Breakthrough ideas always take many to bring to life. I’m inspired by the high level of collaboration creativity in media requires.

Peter Sommers

Group Media Director

I love that media sits at the center of so many things: Society and culture, our clients’ business challenges, a dynamic technical and commercial media marketplace, and, of course, the customer. And as they are changing all the time, staying vigilant and open to change is critical.

Heidi Miller

Head of Analytics

I’m constantly learning about people - their needs and interests - through the actions they take. (Or, the actions they don’t take). This business gives me the opportunity to use information and data to help brands do a better job of fulfilling those needs and interests. It’s really an adventure.

Alan Fox

Communications Planning Director

No matter the role: agency, client, consumer, or retailer, we’re all consumers first and foremost. And no matter what happens, we’ll always be able to fall back on that common bond and communicate in the same language.

Michelle Daidone

Group Media Director

It’s gratifying to work in an industry where we see media and tech innovation, and cultural trends unfold in real time. But nothing is more rewarding than knowing our creative media choices help drive our clients’ businesses and make a real impact on their organizational goals.