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The New Voices - Preparing for A Heads-Up World

Voice is one of the hottest technologies in the consumer tech market these days, but what do consumers really think about, use, and want from their voice-enabled devices? At Mediahub we took a consumer-first approach to understanding the evolving voice landscape.

We found that the second chapter of voice has begun as AI rapidly moves through the adoption curve. Devices have been promoted from the kitchen counter to transforming the entire home, with usage moving beyond utility and into multiuse, multipersonal moments.

Verticals like travel, beauty, and wellness will soon be reimagined by the screen, and for the first time in media, the only way into this platform is not to spend, but to make and to teach.

Ultimately, marketers need to embrace voice as a revolutionary force, and start thinking about how to creatively integrate voice into upcoming campaigns. Because, ready or not, consumers are already talking.

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